The Fortran Package ZFITTER

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ZFITTER is a Fortran package for the evaluation of radiative corrections (quantum corrections), as predicted in the Standard Model of elementary particles, to a variety of observable quantities, notably those related to the Z-boson resonance peak studied at LEP, CERN. ZFITTER has been used for many experimental and phenomenological studies. The perhaps most important applications for the elementary particle physics community may be found at the webpage of the LEP electroweak working group LEPEWWG. The prediction of the Higgs mass, assuming the Standard Model being valid, derived from radiative corrections to precision observables measured at LEP and other facilities, is visualized in the popular Blue Band Plot.

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The precision electroweak measurements yield a mass of the Standard-Model Higgs boson which is lower than about 152 GeV (one-sided 95 percent confidence level upper limit derived from Delta chi2 = 2.7 for the blue band, thus including both the experimental and the theoretical uncertainty).

The plot is made with the ZFITTER package, in its latest version of 2008 with ZFITTER v. 6.43.
It is cited in the Scientific Background on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013: "The BEH-Mechanism, Interactions with Short Range Forces and Scalar Particles" on p.16

Statement of the DESY Directorate concerning the ZFITTER/Gfitter conflict (in german)

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